We’ve made travel an integral part of the Atlas Management Solutions experience, and are excited to announce our upcoming rest and relaxation trip. Qualifying team members will be spending a weekend in Cancun, soaking up the sun while relaxing poolside with industry leaders from across the world. It’s the perfect time for our crew to recharge before the winter holiday season is here.

There’s more to our travel program than just fun in the sun though. For example, Cancun is a unique networking opportunity for Team Atlas Management Solutions as well. The chance to learn from and share best practices with the top names in our field is worth the effort to qualify, and almost all of our other trips throughout the year include networking prospects too.

When we take trips together, we are also building relationships with our coworkers as well. These bonds are vital to the culture of teamwork and unity that we’ve built here, and there’s no better way to get to know someone on a personal level than to travel with them. Time and time again, we’ve gone on weekend trips with our colleagues, but come back with lifelong friends.

Networking, making friends, and Cancun too – it’s sure to be a weekend to remember! Like Atlas Management Solutions on Facebook to see who qualifies for the trip, and to view live content from our tropical getaway.