Travel plays an important role in the Atlas Management Solutions office. Recognition, training, relaxation, and more are all part of the business trips we go on, and we always return to work with a spring in our step and an eagerness to qualify for the next excursion.

Recently, we returned from a weekend conference in Dallas, Texas. Our team was there to listen to success stories and learn tips from top performers in our industry. There were keynote speakers, workshops, and chances for us to network with rising stars from many different markets.

One of the most memorable parts of the weekend was an awards ceremony honoring those who hit big milestones in their careers. Recipients talked about the challenges they overcame to hit their goals and got real about the price of success. This was very inspiring, and a chance for our people – especially those who are new to Atlas Management Solutions – to learn more about the scope of our industry.

Whether we’re driving to a neighboring office for cross-training or flying to Dallas for a weekend
conference, there are several benefits we look forward to every time we leave the office. One of the most important is the chance to develop strong connections with our coworkers. The time spent traveling and the memories we share lead to greater camaraderie in the office, and even lifelong friendships.

The Dallas trip was a great success, and we’ve already begun using what we learned in our campaigns. Like Atlas Management Solutions on Facebook to see what destination we head toward next.