When Atlas Management Solutions went to the Lone Star State for the Dallas conference, we made sure to have a contingent as big as the city we visited. That’s why, on June 8 and 9, we brought down 18 people from our team to take part in this huge weekend event filled with unbeatable learning and networking opportunities.

Throughout the year, Atlas Management Solutions leaders Jeff and Erin invite team members to join them for different travel events. Conferences are popular because they extend the training we have in-house. Other times, a crew might head to another productive office to see what they’re doing and pick up tips to use in our campaigns. There are also scouting trips for new markets. One of the most coveted travel chances is of course the R&R retreat, which is usually held on a tropical island or some place that’s teeming with excitement.

Why do we love these trips? For starters, there’s that thrill you get when it’s time to visit parts unknown. We crave chances to sample local sights and sounds wherever we venture.

Then there’s learning from others and building relationships with industry leaders that we know will have a big influence on our career ascents. Every conference or retreat is a chance to be inspired by those who have made their mark in the field.

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