We’ve got exciting news in our Atlas Management Solutions office: Tyler W. has been promoted to account manager. Everyone is pleased for Tyler and his success, as he’s been an inspiration with his hard work and determination to move up to the next level.

Around Atlas Management Solutions, all of our people know that if they put in the effort, they, too, can reach their fullest potential. We like to think of this as one of the reasons we’re an ideal career destination for anyone with ambition and drive, like Tyler. However, it’s more than just skills that accelerate professional journeys. To be considered for a promotion, it’s important to show the following traits:

• Non-Stop Quest for Knowledge: Once someone advances in Atlas Management Solutions, they’re both learning how to do tasks for their new role and edging closer to their next promotion. For this reason, our managers look to people who are hungry to acquire more skills, take on more responsibilities, and stretch their comfort zones.

• Ready to Lead: One myth about being a leader is you have to have a title to match. In fact, taking initiative, helping and teaching other team members, and having a vision are all practices that anyone can display at any level.

• Good Communication: Getting ahead means being able to articulate information to others in a clear, concise, and consistent manner. It also means being able to listen with the intent to understand what others need as well.

Congrats to Tyler his promotion! It won’t be long before another team member advances, so be sure to check out our Newswire for updates.