Recognition is not only a cornerstone of the Atlas Management Solutions culture, but it’s something we enjoy doing as well. Each month, we like to highlight a high-performing team member here in this blog, and it is now Marquis’ turn to bask in the spotlight.

Marquis joined the firm less than a month ago and has already been promoted to account manager. He is always asking for more responsibility, always ready to learn something new, and always open to feedback that will help him grow. His motivation is the life he’ll be able to provide for his family with a successful Atlas Management Solutions career. If he stays on his current path, he is certain to exceed even his own expectations.

One of the reasons we’re so confident that Marquis will achieve all that he sets his sights on is because we make goal setting an integral part of our training program. We teach ambitious professionals how to get in touch with the values that matter most to them, and then use these as ways to set personally relevant targets. Then, we give them the tools to turn these ambitions into action steps.

With our system and Marquis’ work ethic, success is all but guaranteed. To follow his progress and learn more about the ways we encourage achievement, like Atlas Management Solutions on Facebook.