Summertime is ideal for team road trips, which is why we’re so excited about our upcoming excursions! We’ll be heading out to Brooklyn, New York and Towson, Maryland in the coming weeks. We’re sure to bring back some fresh insights and lots of positive vibes to build on during the second half of 2019. As much fun as we have around the Atlas Management Solutions office, we enjoy each other’s company on the road even more.

Venturing out to different markets is an invaluable learning exercise. We get to discuss what’s working well with our high-achieving peers, uncovering info we can’t really find anywhere else. Sharing our thoughts on best practices and emerging techniques always leads to sharper performance, so we can’t wait to get started!

Of course, we also expand our Atlas Management Solutions networks every time we go on a road trip. There’s plenty to talk about when it comes to the customer acquisition world, but we also take time to discuss what makes our new contacts’ hometowns great places to live. We typically enjoy an amazing team dinner or check out entertainment options based on what we learn from the people we meet. The memories we make in the process are worth the price of admission.

We’re ready to get out and explore in the final weeks of summer. Follow Atlas Management Solutions on Instagram for pics and other content from our travels.