Travel incentives are major parts of the Atlas Management Solutions experience. For example, our firm was well represented at a recent conference in Dallas, Texas. Eight of our top-performing associates ventured to the heart of Texas to learn from and network with influential leaders from across our industry.

The connections our team members made in Dallas will pay off in a variety of ways for our company. Jeffrey Walsh, our firm’s CEO, stated, “Along with being great sources of career advice, the contacts our people gained at the conference could open doors to new ventures for Atlas Management Solutions and our national service partners.”

Those who attended the event in Dallas also helped build our reputation as an innovator in the customer acquisition industry. Our CEO added, “Our associates shared their successful insights with people from all corners of the country. Big conferences like this one are ideal for helping us identify expansion options, because we get to learn how people achieve success in other markets.”

We’ve found that attending industry functions also gives us time to reflect on our approaches and long-term career goals. Walsh remarked, “Time is one of the biggest gifts any ambitious person can receive. Getting away from their routines allows our associates to really sharpen their objectives and the steps they’ll take to reach them.”

The next Atlas Management Solutions travel event is always just around the corner. Follow us on Twitterfor updates on all our team excursions.