We work with talented, ambitious professionals, which means we have the pleasure of recognizing each other for hitting career and personal milestones quite often. Recently Marquis made waves in the Atlas Management Solutions office for earning a promotion to account manager less than a month after joining our team!

After working with him for even a short period of time, it’s easy to see why he’s off to such a fast start with us. Marquis is always asking to do more, and eager to learn as much as he can. It’s obvious that he sees every day as an opportunity to become a better version of himself, and that growth mind-set is a tremendous asset.

Marquis also brings a lot of positive energy to the office with him every day. This makes him a pleasure to work with, which is an important Atlas Management Solutions trait. We respect and appreciate team players like Marquis in our workspace.

He’s also quick to share his knowledge with others, a valuable leadership attribute. Marquis likes to see others succeed, which will make him a very effective manager with our firm.

Marquis is a true go-getter and is looking forward to providing a great life for his family through an Atlas Management Solutions career. Learn more about the advancement opportunities that exist for our team members by checking out our Newswire.