We’re finally used to writing 2020 on our paperwork, which means the new year is no longer new. This also means that what Team Atlas Management Solutions once considered New Year’s resolutions are now just our goals, and February is a good time to check in with those to make sure we’re going to hit all our targets for Q1.

To do this, we rely on our Atlas Management Solutions mentors. These women and men are here to help us create the careers, and lives, we’ve always dreamed of, and are just as invested in us as we are in ourselves.

In fact, we place such a high value on mentorship here that we assign new hires to personal coaches as soon as they finish onboarding. This way, novice team members have a go-to person for all their questions and concerns right away, and feel supported in their first crucial career steps with our firm.

While these initial mentor-mentee bonds often last for years, we can also find new coaches at each stage of our professional journeys. Thanks to the networking events we attend each year, these guides might be on the other side of the state, or even in another country. No matter how far away though, we rely on them for their sage advice and encouragement.

With our well-planned goals and supportive mentors, we know 2020 will be our best year ever. Like Atlas Management Solutions on Facebook to follow our progress.