PHILADELPHIA, PA – Two representatives from Atlas Management Solutions recently headed to Newport Beach, California for an Admin Conference on April 12. Rachel and Sydney returned to the firm’s HQ with plenty of ideas.

Jeffrey Walsh, Atlas Management Solutions’ CEO, noted that this conference is one of the best for administrators like Rachel and Sydney as it’s an all-around great learning opportunity. He noted that traveling to conferences is one of the many facets of the firm’s ongoing educational approach.

Knowledge transfer is the official goal of any conference, which is why Walsh encourages his team members to attend different events and glean as much information as they can absorb. The keynote speakers are generally industry leaders who have risen from the entry level to top management roles. As Walsh pointed out, the fact that everyone starts off at the ground floor and earns their way to the top through intra-company promotions sends an inspiring message to those present.

Breakout sessions can vary, from specific administrator-related topics, leadership skills, and customer acquisition techniques, to the latest updates on the technology for which outreach is conducted. For team members, this is a great chance to see the industry from a much broader perspective.

Another strong feature of attending a conference is a chance to network with other top performers and meet industry experts who can become valuable connections down the road. Rachel and Sydney represented Atlas Management Solutions wonderfully in this regard, and Walsh noted that they really shined.

Atlas Management Solutions’ CEO Describes Best Practices for Business Travel

As Walsh noted, Atlas Management Solutions routinely sends team members to various locales to learn new skills and refine others. Before these individuals pack their bags, Walsh ensures they have objectives and a plan for gathering ideas and knowledge.

For starters, because team members tend to be paired for each trip, they take time beforehand to decide how to divide and conquer. For example, they might select different breakout sessions that they will attend, so they maximize the amount of information they gather. Another good practice to employ is to research who else will be attending and develop a strategy to launch conversations with people who will likely be valuable connections.

Finally, Walsh advised that he expects those who travel to bring back something to share with the entire team. This way, everyone in Atlas Management Solutions’ office benefits from this experience in some way, knowing that others are inspired to qualify for the next trip.

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