PHILADELPHIA, PA – Jeffrey Walsh, Atlas Management Solutions’ CEO, is taking three of his team leaders to Dallas for a leadership conference. He discussed the benefits of this trip and of the firm’s travel program as a development tool.

Jeffrey is very proud of the Atlas Management Solutions travel program, which provides his team members with chances to develop both personally and professionally. There are several trips offered throughout a calendar year, including cross-training opportunities at other offices and relaxation retreats at luxury resorts. The next trip being taken will be to Dallas, Texas, for a weekend-long leadership conference.

Jeffrey and three of his top producers will head down to the Lone Star State to meet with industry leaders from across the country. The best of the best in customer acquisitions will be there, sharing their knowledge during keynote addresses and also while mingling during social events. Attendees will also have chances to network with like-minded professionals from different markets. They’ll share best practices and innovative techniques that they’ll immediately be able to apply when they return home.

While all of this is worth the travel time, there will also be a prestigious awards ceremony honoring leaders who have hit major milestones in their careers. The acceptance speeches given at this time are truly inspiring, as recipients share stories of overcoming obstacles and the steps they took to become successful in this field.

Specific Ways Travel Benefits Atlas Management Solutions Professionals

Trips do require an investment of time and resources. However, Jeffrey is certain that the Atlas Management Solutions travel program is worthwhile. One of the main benefits is that it shows team members just how much their efforts are appreciated. Sending team members on all-expenses-paid journeys that broaden their perspectives is a memorable way to say thank you. This supports the firm’s culture of camaraderie and increases loyalty.

Another advantage provided by travel is the training. Supporting associates as they achieve their potential is one of the firm’s top priorities, which makes weekend conferences and networking events a way of expressing this commitment. The topics covered during trips like the Dallas weekend include success strategies and knowledge that increases efficiency, productivity, and even general happiness at work.

Jeffrey and his three top producers are eagerly anticipating their weekend in Texas, and plan to bring back all the information that is given to share with the rest of Atlas Management Solutions. The positive impact of this travel opportunity is sure to be felt by the entire organization.

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