We love to hit the road with Atlas Management Solutions. Our most recent event brought our leaders and new team members to Richmond, Virginia during the week of March 11. This travel adventure was an all-around success for so many reasons.

The purpose of this trip was for Team Atlas Management Solutions to meet and network with top performers in other offices in the heart of Virginia. Through face-to-face conversations, we had a chance to build our connections with high achievers. We exchanged more than just contact information. When we left, our eyes were opened to several new techniques we can’t wait to try in the Philadelphia market. Our counterparts in Richmond also benefited from our knowhow and tried-and-true practices.

Our travel program is one of the reasons everyone in the Atlas Management Solutions office is motivated to reach goals and earn chances to head out on an excursion like this. Our leadership knows that business trips are a wise investment because of the dividends we ultimately receive, so the opportunities to go are frequent.

Of course, we want to make the most of each jaunt. Before we head out, we set some goals for what we want to achieve while we’re away. This could be new knowledge or contacts. To stay refreshed and energized, we hydrate often, keep healthy snacks accessible, and make sure to get some sleep. But it’s never all work and no play – in and out of the office, this team likes to explore and have fun, so we build in time for sightseeing as well.

Even when we’re on the go, we make sure to stay in touch with everyone at home. Follow Atlas Management Solutions on Instagram for travel updates.