We’re always eager to give our top Atlas Management Solutions performers some recognition for their hard work and dedication. Today, it’s Jenna’s turn in our company spotlight. Jeffrey Walsh, our firm’s CEO, explained, “Jenna is a natural leader who isn’t afraid to take chances as she pursues her ambitious career goals.”

One thing that makes Jenna such a strong leader is her ability to be mindful of her actions. She knows which action steps will get her closer to her ultimate goals, and she also understands that others are observing her performance. Being aware of the example she sets helps Jenna inspire her colleagues to do their best.

Jenna has also become an expert at applying feedback to improve her performance. More than that, she’s also adept at offering honest input to help others elevate their games. Jenna knows the value of a trustworthy team atmosphere, and exchanging helpful insights is one of the best ways to sustain it.

A positive attitude is another key attribute Jenna brings to the Atlas Management Solutions office every day. Our CEO added, “Jenna finds the productive lessons in every experience, including unexpected outcomes. She’s gained a lot of respect around our headquarters as a result.”

We’re very happy to have Jenna on our team, and we’re excited to see what she accomplishes in the future. Like Atlas Management Solutions on Facebook for more team spotlights.