Atlas Management Solutions has recently hired several new team members, and they’ve already made an impression. For example, Angelo started with the firm only a few weeks ago, and has already earned a promotion to account manager.

Angelo comes to us with a background in restaurants, and he brings that same work ethic to his Atlas Management Solutions career as well. He is definitely one of the hardest workers we’ve come across in a long time. He always has a smile on his face, no matter how busy he is, and he always goes above and beyond what’s required of him. He says his motivation is to provide a great life for his family, and with what we’ve seen from him so far, we’re sure he’ll do exactly that.

When we have a go-getter like Angelo join our team, we make sure he or she knows just how much they are appreciated. Recognition is one of the values by which we operate because we know how good it feels to be acknowledged and respected by our peers. What’s more, shining a spotlight on Angelo gives other team members an example of what is possible with effort and the use of our training system.

Congratulations again to Angelo. You’ve already made a big impression on us, and we’re looking forward to watching your career journey. Learn more about our top producers by following Atlas Management Solutions on Instagram.