We always enjoy highlighting our top Atlas Management Solutions performers. This month, it’s Sydney, our amazing admin, who’s in the company spotlight. Jeffery Walsh, our firm’s CEO, explained that Sydney was recently promoted and is the true backbone of our organization. It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say we’d be lost without her.

The fact that Sydney is so motivated and passionate about her work helps her stand out from the crowd. She’s always focused on action, avoiding distractions to get important things done. That alone would make her a great role model for Team Atlas Management Solutions, but Sydney takes things further with a few other key attributes.

Sydney isn’t just committed to her own goals – she makes herself available to help others as much as possible. This selfless type of accountability is a huge advantage in any workplace. Sydney sets the tone for our teamwork-focused atmosphere. We’re lucky to have her for many reasons, but the way she frequently puts others’ needs before her own is truly inspiring.

Another reason for Sydney’s success is her knack for asking the right questions. She invites input from others and welcomes ideas from different viewpoints. This helps make our workspace more supportive and open.

We’re excited to watch Sydney continue building her career. Follow Atlas Management Solutions on Instagram for more on her and all our top-flight associates.